Patrick Kelly

Born in London, England, to a family of classical musicians, Patrick has been composing music since the age of 15, writing and performing with many musicians and artists in various different styles over the years, from being the bass player in a band with legendary rock guitarist Paul Fox (The Ruts), Patrick has since gone on to record a UK top 30 single and has had tracks used in the hit US TV series ‘Dawson’s Creek’, more recently he has written and produced songs for Maria Lawson’s (X-Factor) debut album. However, his first love is in producing heart-felt instrumental music for relaxation, meditation and healing, Working closely with his brother, Hugh – a well respected spiritual healer and reiki master, Patrick is fast gaining a reputation as being one of the most exciting and original emerging talents within the new age music genre. Patrick has recently relocated to rural Cornwall with his partner, Rachel, for a more peaceful way of life, where he finds the beautiful, rugged landscape and relaxed atmosphere a constant source of inspiration. “I would always tend to write these long, evolving instrumental pieces of music and wasn’t quite sure what to do with them until my brother, Hugh, suggested that I should tailor them so he could use them in his work as a healer. From that moment on, everything became clear and seemed to make sense as I have always loved creating this kind of music and knowing that it could help people, in however small a way, is all the inspiration I need. I think music is such a powerful medium which can convey the whole spectrum of human emotions. It has the potential to aid healing, to lift one’s mood, or touch the soul in a way nothing else could possibly do. I think in this increasingly demanding world we live in, meditation/relaxation music is becoming more important than ever as a tool to unwind from the stresses of 21st century living, to create a sense of well being and to recharge the spirit.”