Mike Rowland

Mike Rowland is a founder musician and a master craftsman in the composing and performance of Relaxation Music. His melodies are played on his old Steinway grand piano overlaid with string arrangements of violins. Mike still lives a simple life in the rural county of Suffolk only recording albums when he feels inspired to compose by some external influence. His musical career started with an "experience" whilst walking in a forest near Stanstead in England in the early eighties. Deep in the woodland and strolling all alone, Mike suddenly heard wonderful music coming from somewhere. This music was gifted to him and back home he recorded what he had heard on his piano. The resulting album was "Fairy Ring" which went on to become one of the largest selling Relaxation albums in the world. Selected by the actress Shirley MacLaine as the soundtrack for her best selling video "Inner Workout", "Fairy Ring" continues to inspire the listener as Mike was inspired all those years ago in the forest. Over the years Mike has recorded very few albums. He spends many months and even years refining each of his albums and only composing when he feels inspiration. "Mystic Angel" is perhaps Mike’s most famous album of recent times and again he has captured an almost mystical quality and a spiritual essence with each track. It is a testament to his skills that this master of the Steinway piano has never been more popular with people who wish to change the way they live and work to improve the quality of their lives and their well-being.