NWM Discography

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James Diplock and Mat McLean met in December 1987 and became instant friends.. Mat was working as a sound engineer in a local recording studio where James was recording some early demos of material that was later to become very successful… more on that later! They soon started working together and it was from those early beginnings that they started to create the unique blend of styles that is Kargo. During the 90’s they both went off and did separate projects – Mat playing drums with Mantaray – an edgy Britpop trio that were signed to Mercury Records. They released two albums and many singles between 1993 and 1997 to much critical acclaim. Meanwhile James was storming the U.K. dance music charts with his two projects Electroset and Hyper Go-Go – the latter achieving mainstream chart success with seven U.K. top 40 singles including the huge 1992 club anthem ‘High’. It wasn’t until 1996 that Mat and James collaborated again – this time recording a cover version of the Alison Moyet hit ‘Love Resurrection’ for Logic/BMG Records. The pair decided to set up their own recording facility to enable them to be as prolific as they wanted, and to save themselves from the huge costs of working in commercial studios! They went on to produce and remix many, many artists including such diverse names as Gene, Dodgy, Sparks, Louise, Michele Gayle, Divine, Adeva, N-Trance, Leee John, New Order, INXS and more. In 2002 they co-wrote and produced the ‘Pacifica’ album with Pia – their first project for New World. In 2003 Mat and James travelled to Morocco – a trip which inspired them to create the ‘Dreams of Marrakesh’ album for New World. Mat and James’ families hail from East and West London respectively, though now they both live in rural North Essex where they write and record their music. Their studio reflects James’ love of vintage analogue synthesisers with a large collection of old and obscure instruments which feature heavily on their recordings – combined with Mats superb talent for drums and percussion rhythms and the latest hi-tech recording methods, they are able to create a truly unique style of music ranging from world/ethnic themes to electronic soundscapes and grooves. These styles are very much in evidence on their acclaimed debut for New World Music ‘Dreams of Marrakesh’ – a musical journey through the wondrous land of Morocco, from the Atlas mountains to the soukhs and kaspahs of Marrakesh itself.