Jonathan Still

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Jonathan Still was born in Denver, Colorado into a musical family ­ his mother a piano teacher and his siblings proficient on keyboards and fully active in church choirs. Moving to Dallas, Texas, at seven years old he began to play piano and to this day continues his learning through experimentation, writing and extending his competence to play saxophone, stringed instruments such as guitar and mandolin, and developing a passion for percussion, particularly drumming. Describing himself as 'persistent and extremely resourceful', Jonathan translates these traits into his work as his motivation for making things happen when resources have been tight or situations difficult. If asked, his favourite part of being a musician is 'When the music itself touches someone enough to tell you about it'. Having worked with a number of bands from 1994 and contributing to advertisements, videos and music libraries, Jonathan's first solo instrumental and composition album 'In Awe of it All' was released in 2001. With his latest recording 'Under the Bodhi Tree', we see Jonathan's musical motivation realise a scenario of enlightenment through music and quiet reflection or contemplation. As Jonathan himself muses, 'As an artist, time and experience shape the growth of my capacity and ability and, whilst I am proud of this recording, I hope that 'Under the Bodhi Tree' will be the first step of an enlightened musical journey not just for myself, but with the listeners alongside as personal travel companions.'