Howard Green

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My first experience of playing a musical instrument was being taught Chinese Mandolin by my old neighbour in Singapore when I was six years old. It was love at first twang. Everywhere I went, it seemed, I was playing that little mandolin. I must have driven everyone crazy. On returning to the UK, after my fathers’ tour of duty in the RAF, I took up the guitar with formal lessons. I was 10 years old. I studied hard for eight years and set off on my great musical (and spiritual) adventure. I soon became involved with gigging classical guitar, advertising and film music, and even drumming for a dance company, headed by Lyndsay Kemp. There I was exposed to many of the influences that helped form the great David Bowie, who had studied under Lyndsay for some time. From here, I broadened my understanding of classical music by taking up the cello. I was given a firm grounding on cello by the great Olga Hegadus, Leader of Cellos, Academy of St. Martins in the Field, and I'm very grateful to her.
I undertook formal engagements with the City Symphony Orchestra, on concerts organised by Raymond Gubbay, in such venues as the Royal Albert Hall and Barbican. My spiritual studies took a greater hold at this time, and I moved away from full time music, in order to have the solitude afforded by a life as a bowmaker for stringed instruments. I found I was very capable at it, though I continued my musical studies, concentrating now more on my first love, the guitar.
My love for the guitar has been a central pillar in my life, and many a time playing the guitar has been like a deep meditation. I am grateful to my first guitar teacher, Eddy Korolyk, for filling me with musical hope. Lately, I have discovered much greater depth in the guitar, than before I took up the cello.