Brian Carter

Hi! I would like to say a big thank you to all the friends of New World for taking the time to browse through these pages! I have just been signed to New World who have kindly just released my debut album "Walking in Harmony" and I am very excited at the prospect of my music being available to the public in a far greater way than I could have managed privately. I too started out as a friend of New World many years ago and they have had a bigger impact on my life than they perhaps know! Eleven years ago my Father died suddenly in France, away on a business trip and far away from those who loved him. Whilst his body lay in France awaiting clearance from the authorities to bring him home he "came back to me". I was alone at night and suddenly I was aware of being surrounded by the most beautiful love I had ever experienced and emanating this love was my Father standing in front of me in Spirit. We were given the grace to say all the things we had never been able to say due to his very quick and unexpected death. This experience lived with me and would not go away but I found it difficult to talk to people about it because all sorts of "rational" explanations were put forward but they just did not feel right. I knew what I had experienced was "real". Enter New World! Through the course of my day to day job I ended up working at the house of a Healer. I had no idea what she was! I found myself making an appointment with her to treat my swollen fingers that were causing pain when I played the guitar. I thought she was a Physiotherapist! I attended the appointment and she put on a very beautiful compilation album by various New World artistes and as she worked on me I felt all my "demons" being swept aside as I was enveloped by the music. The very next day I went out and bought the album! Irene, the Healer, was very instrumental in me finding the right path in life which eventually led me to my next encounter with New World! Along the way my wife Lynn and I both became Healers and Lynn has a successful Reiki practice. The next encounter was New Year's day 1997 and some friends of my dear wife Lynn came to visit her. However, she was at work and so I invited them in for a drink and a chat. I had been telling them how I had left the band I had been playing with and was looking for a new venture. The very same album just happened to be playing! There is a track on the album by Asha called "Soldier of Love" and it was my favourite track. There is a part in the middle where the music lifts and there is so much energy at that point as the music progresses into a beautiful guitar solo. Just as the music reached that point I was asked "What do you see yourself doing next?" I answered that I would like to "do something similar to this" and at that very moment I was surrounded with so much love and light that I was overcome and one of the ladies present remarked that "if that isn't a sign I don't know what is!" Asha's beautiful track opened the door to that thought becoming a reality as I slowly headed in that direction. "Walking in Harmony" is a direct result of that experience. I am now privileged to be a part of the team. Why have I told you all of this? It's simple really . I believe that music can touch people deeply, and as my own experiences show, move them on in life if it is made from the heart. I know that when you put your heart and soul into something then Spirit can add that extra ingredient to make it special.They have certainly played a part in the making of "Walking in Harmony". I am a communicator and at the moment I am communicating to people through my music and I sincerely hope it touches people in some way. There is also another side of me and, like Asha, I help people to become the person whom they really are. We all have a story to tell and a path to walk through life. I want "Walking in Harmony" to become not just an album title but a concept for life. I look forward to sharing more music with you in the future. In the meantime, take time for yourself, let the music of mine and others touch you in that special way! You deserve it! I leave you with much love, light and peace, Brian