Become a Stockist

cdsSo you are thinking of selling our music? Read on...

How do I become a New World Music Retailer?

It could not be easier.

Contact us to receive a Trade Catalogue, Price list & Order form etc.  All contact information is above. When emailing, if you do not get an immediate reply then please ring the order office.

If you need further information you may call one of our helpful sales advisors who will be able to advise the most suitable stocking levels, displays & best selling CDs for your retail outlet. Please remember that all orders are pre-paid by credit card or cheque unless other arrangements have been made. Cheques have to be cleared before releasing the order.

How do I know which albums to order?

Our sales advisors are always available to discuss our various product ranges and what would suit your store best. We have extensive experience in dealing with retailers from all sectors (health, beauty, spas, gift shops, tourism, museums, etc.)

There are some general guidelines which will help you. Obviously the type of retailer you are will dictate your type of customer, and consequently the type of music you sell (i.e. health clubs and spas are more likely to sell healing and therapy style music). Your location is also important (i.e. shops near the coast are likely to sell more of the Natural Sounds and music featuring Whales & Dolphins, etc.). You will always be able to sell music you personally like. Your staff's enthusiasm for the music would be a much better recommendation than any other advertising operation you may be able to do. Finally we have best seller lists which feature our most popular titles.

What other products do New World Music sell?

New World Music have an extensive range of our own branded and bought in DVDs. Contact our sales advisors for further information.  Many retailers are finding that these extras are the fastest growing area of their business.

How are orders processed and delivered?

Orders can be sent by post, faxed, telephoned or emailed. (Please remember the first paragraph under contact details above when emailing.)  You can use the Trade Order form that we provide or e mail/fax your 'in house' order form.  Please request extra order forms if needed and we will email or post them to you.  If we email them, then you can save on your desktop for future use. (Be sure to ask for updates of these but you will be reminded in our newsletters.)

Can I play New World Music in my store?

If you play any music including New World's in a public space you will require a BMI licence.